The book i'm reading is called the danger box.
This books genre is mystery. The main character is Zoomy. He has a very critical eye disease. Every chapter or two the book will have what the author calles the Gas Gazette[very popular newspaper]. The people that take care of Zoomy are his grandparents. He never meet his mom. Zoomy's grandpa thinks his dad is a heavy drinker because of how he acted when he came to vist for a short time. I think the best part of the book is the Gas Gazette Issues.

Go Michigan

A book I read is called Johnny boo.
In this book the main charecter is a ghoust named Johnny boo. Johnny hates when his hair gets messed up. One of Johnnys friends is the ice cream monster [not so scary.] The ice cream monster tries to learn to boo like Johnny boo. When the ice cream monster tries he can't boo like Johnny. The ice cream monster learns something different from Johnny he learns to wiggel. When the ice cream monster learns to wiggel he levavs Johnny alone.

The book I am reading is called The search for Wondla.
The main character is Eva. She calles her "mother'' muthr. Eva has never set foot on the surface world. Eva has to do exercises before she can set foot on the surface. At one point a entruter came with some type of blaster. Eva has to go to the surface to be safe from the entruter. Eva had to go as far away as posible to survive but she didn't! Eva was spoted by the entruter and the entruter blasted at her but missed. Eva hid in a tree just to stay alive.

The book I'm reading is called In to the volcono.
The main characters is Sumo and Duffy. In the book it has imiges that are where [I think] swering goes. The one that does it the most is the anut. The driver for the aunt names is Mango jo. The cousin names is come-and-go. Sumo is forced to go Hawaii with his brother and come-and-go. The best part in the book is when they go in the volcono.

The book I am reading is called into the volcano.
The aunt is making the two [Sumo and Duffy] go on a trip in a volcano. Out of the brothers Sumo does not want to go. Duffy likes the idea of going. Sumo thinks that his aunt and cousin are crazy. The way they are going to get to the volcano is by boat.

The book I am reading is called SToNe RaBBit DRAGON BOOGIE.
The main charchter is Stone. His firends are Henri and Andy.