ook and gluk Feb.12,2013

Ook and Gluk's cheif is not nice to them and would put them in jail if there s0ister didn't meiry him.
But that day they scared the cheif with a dinosor but then the cheif met a guy from the
future he told the cheif his company has a telloporter and they are stealing stuff.
Ryan Groth
Henry Ford Feb.17,2013

In this book it teachs you a lot about Henry Ford.
One of the facts is that Henry got maryed to a woman named Clara and she helps him along his way.
Henry first started making gas buggie engines for people.
After Henry made gas buggie engines he became a race car driver.
When Henry was a race car driver he built the model a and rode it and sold them to but the people said
it could not go up hills so he built a model c but people did not like that too so one day he was
walking and he saw a peice of metal on the ground and he picked it up and this metal was only made in eangland
and so he ripped part of his car up and put in that metal and there it was the model t.So he showed it to his
workers at the Ford moter company they said it looked ugle but people loved it.

Ryan Groth

Tale of a 4th grade nothing Feb.25,2013

In this book there is a kid that has a turtle and his mom hates it
The kid thinks his brother is very annoying.

Ryan Groth

Henry ford Feb.28,2013

In this book it tells you a lot of facts.
one of the facts is that when Henry was little he asked a lot of some odd questions his mom would say.
On Henry's 5th birth day he wanted a wagon.

Ryan Groth.