A crash course in forces and motion Feb.4,2013

In this book it tells you a lot about differnt facts about mass,fourses,action and reaction and centripetal force.
And this book is a fun book to read because it tells you all these things at the fair and every ride a guy goes on
he tells you a differnt fact

Ryan Groth

Sidekicks feb.5,2013

Ilike the part in the book when Fluffy was watching the news because it was funny how he was eating popcorn
and when Harry said someting to him he would just keep eating popcorn and going chomp chomp chomp.
A guy on the news named paws is a mystery.I know who paws is but I will tell you next time.
Ryan Groth
sidekicks Feb.6,2013

The guy named paws is Manny the dog that ran away from home when Captin Amazing got Harry.
I like the part in the book when Harry and Shiffty were at a place to eat and the hippo ate all thefood there
and then Shiffty turend invisabol and grabed a fish and trickt the hippo into thinking the fish could talk
and the hippo ran away.
Ryan Groth

squish.4 Feb.11,2013

In the book squish is on a soccer team at first the team is very bad but in the middel of
the book squish made plans to beat the other team but squish's freind pod never got the ball so he
quit and so did peggy. but then squish gave every one a turn.

Ryan Groth