kooks in the cafeteria jan.24,2013

It was funny when Guy tryed to make tuna surprise and when Miss.Beany put it in the oven she turned it to 300 degrees and then
guy turend it to 600 and then it caught on fire.After that Guy and Molly snuck into Mrs.Wolfs office and saw her sleeping on the job.
The next day Guy told Zoe that but she did not belive it so it was not on the news
artical that day.

ryan groth

kooks in the cafeteria jan.25,2013

My favirot part in the book was when Ms.Beany said to Molly and Guy that the food inspector was coming and that they
had to get to work so they got a recipe card they needed to make 500 hamburgers but they only had enough ingredients
to make 400 hamburgers so they came up with a plan to mix baloney with the hamburger and when they where done
the food inspector came and loved it.

ryan groth

Horrid Harry tricks the tooth fairy Jan.27,2013

I predict that Henry will trick the tooth fairy by making another fairy and when she gets close to it she will fall into a cage.
Henry is the only one who hasn't lost a tooth in his class and he is really mad.

Ryan Groth