Today I have to write about the bookIi read. today i read a book called diary of a wimpy kid. diary of a wimpy kid is a funny book and they turn the books in to movies

Today i read about a book called diary of a wimpy kid. diary of a wimpy kid Rodrick rules if you want paific . Today in my book I read that Rowley andGgreg tht to main characters had a sleep over and owley had to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Manny Gregs little brother had to oin them and Greg said it just was for mom to know what was going on ing the basement.Rrowley kept coming in a kicking th epillows ever tim he came back from the up stairs bathroom. Manny ate all the choacolate and Greg got so mad Rowley had to go home.

DANGER BOX - by Blue Balliett
Is a great book and I read it for the Battle of the Books. There are 4 main characters :Charles Darwin, Zoomy, Buckeye, and Lorrol. I finshed this book just in time to qualify for the battle. In this book you will find that Buckeye is very snotty and selfish and almost dies. Zoomy, on the other hand, is sweet and considerate. Lorrol is Zoomy's best friend. They met at the library when Zoomy's grandfather was going to the store that the family owned. Lorrol and Zoomy came up with agreat idea: To write a newpaper called the Gas Gazette - but not to put Charles Darwin's name in it but to put clues as to the identity of a secret person.
Soon the whole town heard about the Gas Gazette and wre trying to figure out who was the mystery person. Lorrol had another idea - have a contest to give a prize to the person who guessed who was the secret person...like a bike.
Zoomy hid a box that had an old notebook from Charles Darwin in the garage for safe keeping. There was a fire down the street Zoomy's grandfather went to help. When he returned the store had burnt down and the boz was gone. Soon Zoomy found that Buckeye, his father, was outside the shed all crumples with ashes all over him. Buckeye was taken to the emergency department and Zoomy started crying. Zoomy's science dictionary was also in the store and it burnt as well.
typed by Norah Sawyer
4th grade Mrs.Pilarski's class

Roald dahl bfg big fingered giant

todat i read about this book call the bfg and its all ready good and i oly read 3chapters. in the book a giel can go to sleep and her window is open and if she go up after lights out shed get in trouble even if she had to go to the bathroom.so she looked out the window and saw a black tall thhin thing standing up with a suit case a trumpet.when the bfg got to her window she hid under the covers and thebfg stoll her from her bed.


diary of a wimpy kid
today in diary of a wimpy kid the third wheel. greg had to climb threw the kids place at cornys to get manny out of them because he was scared and the smell of stinky socks was in the tud and onlt in the tub. once greg got up yhere he got stuck because he coudnt move because of the smell of socks. eventuall a guy thet worked there had to come in to the tubs and get themout.

on the week end s from now on im going to rap up all the storys ive read and tell them to you at the end of the week end.

so this weekend i read doald rahl and the brg big fingered giant. the story is about a girl and she couldnt sleep.she looked out the window and saw a very big shadow that was carying a preefcase and a trumpet.she was so scared she wnt under her covers but the giant stole her.
Today im writing about a really good book called, REPUZELS REVENGE. it is abou a little girl that her fack mother Gothel is trying to tell Repunzel that she is her mother when shes not. repunzel was stollen when her mom was in the house making supper and Gothel climbed threw the window and stole the baby for her self.Repuzel askesGothel about what it looks like over the bid concreat wall. did i menshon that Rapunzel lives in a villa with alot of guards and some gather people that come every day o get watr and , then repunzel lasod her self to the other sideof the tower and the nicest guard that was her friend took her to meet some of the people and got to get a sip of waterand this 30id aged women gave her some of her water.repunzel reconized the lady and the lady reconized her. the lady said are you my dauter and repuzel said yes because she could remember back and s could he MOTHER!
today i read about repyzels revenge and mother gothel cut repuzels hair so it was nothing but really short peices of hair. and thats basicly what i read i didnt get to read alot tonight.

on thurseday friday saturday and sunday i read about the book called the kife of pi. it is a great book and it is also very said
ATTENTION;this book may make you cry 1-31-13 2-1234013

today i read the life of pi and it is a good book so far.in the book so far the guy pi is sitting down and talking to a guy that wants to write a book about pis adventures in the oceam
today i did some reaserch on my project for the southwest region and today we didnt get to do it in class so i did it at home.
i searched about where places are in the southwest region like were a mcdonald cafe.
to day i accounted to do some reasearch on my project about gymnastics i learned some cool trick and i acualy tryed to do them and i got all of them right
over the week end i was sick but i still read. in the life of pi he finally landed on shor and the tiger dosed off in to the jungle and just left pi there like a bag of seeds. 2-8-9-10-13
for the last couple weeks i been reading a book call the wight fence painter its about a kid named greg and his family is poor the live in a homeless shellter and greg paintes fences to make money. greg is a play full kid and likes to go out side he does ot have and friend and he is allway cheerfull hardly ever sad.2-11-13-2-21-13