Go Tigers!
Miss Fortune Cookie

Miss Fortune Cookie is about a girl who has a blog that gives advice. Her name Erin. Her best friends are Mei and Linny. They are both Chinese-American. Erin was born in China, but her DNA was European.

Mei's mom owns a restaurant. It is called Hay Fat. Mrs Lui is extremely strict. She is throwing a party to celebrate Mei getting into college. She passed out the invitations a month before.

Mei gave Erin a nasty comment. Erin decided to leave. She forgot her coat in the kitchen. When she entered the kitchen, it was on fire! It was only a small fire. It was put out quickly.

Linny wants to hold a protest against the other school.

Mei and Erin got into Harvard. Erin wants to go to Berckly and Mei wants to Stanford. Both of their moms won't let them. Both girls are very dissipointed. Now Mei cannot be with Darron.

Mei sent a letter to Miss Fortune Cookie. Erin didn't know how to respond because she never fell in love. Mei has been acting strange since she got the letter from Miss Fortune Cookie.

Megan Herbst
4th grade
Mrs. Pilarski's class

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

This is a book about a boy how is given a dragon. His name is Jeremy. His two bullys are Howard and Freddy. Mary Lou has a crush on him. He dreams of becoming a artist. He is not good at art.

When he is given the dragon, he is told he dose not need it, but it needs him. That night when the hatches, he is surprised by a little red dragon. He is very frightened by this little creature.

Much later the dragon got much bigger. 20 feet!!!!!!!!! The dragon communicates by sending images through thought. The dragon eats chicken liver. To make Tiamat (the dragon) sleep, Jeremy gives her milk. Mary Lou dose not have a crush on Jeremy anymore. Now they are just friends.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever

It is almost Christmas and Greg is really freaked out about Santa's Scout, a small, creepy doll that is supposed to every night reports to Santa what happens that day. 3 feet lay outside their door. The powers out, but Manny turned off the electricity, except his room. He has a space heater in his room and a bunch of food when the rest of the family almost freezes to death. He wasn't even in the tinyest bit of trouble

In school the teachers took away all the play ground sets. They also took away the pizza and other unhealthy foods off the menu in the cafeteria. They put a water bottle machine next to a drinking fountain. Most of the kids got tipped off when they took away Rodiy Riot, a type of energy drink that makes kids go bananas.

Megan Herbst
4th grade