Katie Hathaway
4th grade

In readers work shop i am reading The Search For WondLa. This story is based on a girl named Eva that is about 13 years old. Eva has been living in a sanctuary ever since she was born, she has lived with her muthr (muthr is a robot that acts like Eva's mom) one day an intruder entered her house so muthr told her to go up through the escape hatch that was in the kitchen,Eva never knew about the escape hatch until then. Her muthr said go up to the surface and make sure that the intruder does not spot you. Eva has never been up on the surface, she said that shes always wanted to go up to the surface but she did not want to go up by herself.
On the surface Eva met a creature that speaks funny. She has no idea what he is saying.


Today I'm reading The Search For WondLa and this week the story starts off with Eva and the creature named Rovender returned to the sanctuary where they found Muthr in the pool in their gym. The sanctuary told the two of them to go through the secret door in the library where they found new batteries for Muthr. After they found new batteries for Muthr all three of them went to the surface because a bad guy named besteel was searching for Eva.


Today i am reading The Search For WondLa, and today what is happening is the three of them woke up outside and decided to look for help. While they were walking Eva reprogrammed Rovender's ball so that Muthr could understand Rovender. Also while they were walking they saw a bunch of birds and wondered if they could eat them for dinner.


Today i am reading who was Walt Disney, and what is happening right now is the author is telling about how Walt grew up.How he grew up seems kind of hard,because Walt always wanted to be the class clown.