Excellent Writing Summary of a part of a book below: ;)
Belly Up is a book about a boy who lives at a zoo/amusement park with his parents. His name is Theodore (but everybody calls him Teddy. He doesn't mind, though.) and his parents work at Funjungle. (what the place is called.) His Mom works with the primates (monkeys, apes, etc...) and his dad snaps great photos of all the animals at Funjungle, and sometimes the pictures appear on the covers of magazines.

Every day after Teddy explores around Funjungle, he comes back to 'Monkey Mountain' to meet his Mom there. He's so bored of Monkey Mountain. He doesn't like to go there; he'd rather walk around more. But there's one place he wouldn't want to be all the time; Henry the Hippo's enclosure. Henry is the meanest hippo Teddy has ever met, and he's met a lot of hippos.

Teddy used to live in Africa with his parents before they moved to Funjungle in Texas, America. Teddy even knows how to defend himself from an angry leopard. And he knows a lot about hippos; they have HUGE jaws, three foot long lower fang-like teeth, and everything about them is just huge.

But recently, Teddy discovered something. Henry, being the Funjungle mascot, was thought to be maybe murdered by somebody. Henry's body was found in his enclosure, in his small pool of water- belly up.

By Chloe.M
4th grade

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy--- chapter one short re-write by Chloe.M, 3-24-13

an icewing (one of the kinds of dragons) carried the skywing egg that is one of the five dragons of the dragonet prophecy over a snowy mountain, and it's blizzarding out. He was part of a group of dragons that are not in the great war that are called The Talons of peace. It's their job to raise the five dragons that are in the prophecy to become good when they grow up and to defeat all the 'bad guys' so their world can be in peace.

After a little while, he stopped to look behind him. He saw the evil sandwing, Burn, and two other sandwing soldiers at her sides. The icewing started to run and fly, but the sandwings caught up to him. they tackled him and the dragons had a short fight, but the sandwings won. (the icewng would have one if it was a fair fight.)

Burn grabbed the egg from him, and when she was about to steal it back the icewing half that it was a dragon of the prophecy. When Burn heard that, she asked the icewing if it was true, and he denied it. Burn through it over the edge of the cliff and the icewing tried to dive down after it, but Burn slammed her talons on the icewings neck and shredded his wings. then, she took her poisonous-scorpion-tail and jabbed the icewing in the head. finally, she pushed him over the edge.