Touch Blue

Touch blue is about a girl named Tess,who wants to re-open her school (because the school does not have enough childern).
So her family gets a foster child named Arain,she was so exited to meet him,but he tured out not the nicesed kid on the island.
Arain is very good at playing the trumpet and piano.Arain is very close to his mother,and has'nt seen her in years,and Tess trys to do somthing about that.

Titanic 1-30-13

Here are some facts on the Titanic,

  • It was believed that 1,517 people died and 705 survived.
It was believed that the following is true.199 people were saved in first class.And 130 died.And in second class 119 people were saved,and 166 died.In third class174 were saved and 536 died.And in the crew 213 we're saved and 685 died,


  • Here are some more facts about the Titanic,
  • The Titanic was the biggest boat at its time,The boat was right under 3 foot ball field's long.
The last meal the first class passengers had was an eleven course meal."That's a lot of food".

  • 2-2-13
  • Ever since the Titanic sank In 1912 people have been debating if they should raise the Titanic off its seabed.
  • The captain of the Titanic is Captain Smith,he was one of the people that went down with the ship.
The ship sank because it hit a iceburg on it's side.

  • 2-3-13
  • Part of the reason people on the Titanic was because the ship did not have as ch life boats that were needed.
  • The Titanic sank about one quarter away from it was supposed .
  • At sea floor the Titanic is split in two.

  • The second class cabins on the Titanic were as nice as first class cabins on other boats.
The Titanic was the first boat to have a pool and gym.

  • 1-5-13
  • The Titanic had more than 8,000 cigars.
  • About 80,000 pounds of potatoes.
  • 36,000 apples
40,000 eggs

  • 1-11-13
  • Woman and children were first on lifeboats.
  • The designer was Thomas Andrews.
  • The Titanic used morse code.
The two wireless operators names were Jack Phillips and Harold Bride.

  • One graph showed how many people died.
  • Another showed how many people survived.
  • There was a chart that showed where the Titanic went down.