IN the book DORK DIARIES I am going to tell you what I'v been reading. I am going to tell you the tips for a diary

#1.:Discover what type of diary is right for you (Journal?Blog?)
#2.:Learn how to use code words for supersecret entries
ashley code is jjsszz

Dork diaries tales from a not so graceful ice princesss

Niki was in the shower and her sister Brianna kept banging on the door.The first resin she kept banging on the door was because she was taking to long.The second resin she kept banging on the door was because her doll was in there and she had to go to the bathroom.The third resin she kept banging on the door was because she had a phone call for her.The fith reason she kept banging on the door was because she said the phone call was very important.

At first Niki thought that the phone call was fake and Brianna was just trying to mess with her.But it was a real phone call.It was her boyfriend Brandon.Then Brianna said bad stuff about Niki.Then Niki noticed it was Brandon and she ran out of the shower to get the phone.Brianna would not give Niki the phone so Niki had to tackle Brianna until Brianna got all scared and gave Niki the phone and ran away screaming.

Ashley Ladomer

Dork Diaries Tales from a not so graceful Ice Princesss

Brandon came to talk to her on the phone about a party that he is planning.He wanted to invite Niki. So thats why he called her(Niki).When Niki got to school Brandon was at her locker She said "sorry about all the stuff on the phone that Brianna said.She always says bad stuff about me to embarrass me.Do you believe in the stuff she said about me cause it was not true." Niki said."No I don't believe in that." Brandon said.

"So can you come to the party ?" Brondon said. "Ahhhhhhhhh Yeah sure".Niki said in a worried voice. Niki Wanted to go back and tell Brandon that she could not come and then die of embarrassment.